First Champ and Final Countdown at the


After a day in perfect conditions for the qualification runs with bright blue sky and in front of 20,000 spectators Snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov was awarded crossover.champ 2009. The local hero rocked the Ultimate Crossover Session Saturday night at 2009 at Landiwiese Zurich. During the crossover session at Europe’s biggest freestyle sports event he fought against Oakley’s skateboarder Sandro Dias, freeskier Elias Ambühl and FMX-pilot Oakley’s Dany Torres. Today the finalists of yesterday’s qualifications will fight in the Superfinals for the freestyle.champ 2009 title.

After two amazing days of qualifications the setup for Sunday guarantees snowboarding-, freeskiing-, FMXing- and skateboarding finals on a world class top level.
Saturday’s Freeskiers impressed the audience witnessing a hot neck-and-neck race. The US-guys Tom Wallisch and Oakley’s Sammy Carlson impressed the judges with a perfect double cork 1080.

In the Snowboard competition three riders got more than 170 (200 max) points. Christian Haller, Oakley’s Sebastian Toutant and Elias Elhardt are so far the men to watch. But never underestimate the local heroes Iouri Podladtchikov and Oakley’s Nicolas Müller or 2006 Champion Oakley’s Eero Ettala.

For the skateboarders it seems to be clear that Sandro Dias (Oakley) is the man, who seems to be unbeatable in his current form. With an incredible Backside 540 with extreme height, he scored 90 out of 100.

The FMX-Qualifications included tricks like the Cliffhanger and the Lazyboy Backflip. The two Superstars Oakley’s Dany Torres and Mat Rebeaud won their qualifying. The young guns Oakley’s Petr Pilat and Daisuke Suzuki stoked the crowd directly in front of the Rolling-O-Lab.

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