Vamos! Freestyle Motocross Star Dany Torres Emerges With X-Fighters Title in Sydney


Si! Si! Si!

Oakley’s Freestyle Motocross Star Dany Torres emerged from behind in the overall standings to claim the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Title on Saturday after a solid third-place finish at Cockatoo Island in Sydney, Australia.

The hard-charging Spaniard was clipped by hometown Aussie rider Josh Sheehan in the semifinals in front of a raucous, sold out crowd of more than 11,000 screaming spectators. But his podium spot was enough to seal the deal, points-wise, for the 2011 Crown after charging into Sydney with a 40 point deficit behind Nate Adams.

It all started in the Quarterfinals. Going head-to-head against Todd Potter, all it would take would be a victory over the American ‘bad boy’ to secure the title. Not an easy task by any means.

But O’s Spanish ripper came out of the gates on fire, throwing down some insane tricks to top Potter and grab glory.

With that, the injury-packed, yet exhilarating season came to a dramatic close with Dany snatching two huge victories and 20 points over the defending champ Adams.

A huge congratulations from the entire Oakley family for the 2011 X-Fighters Title!

Peep the video:

Final Result Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2011:
1. Dany Torres 390

2. Nate Adams 370

3. Andrè Villa 270

4. Josh Sheehan 230

5. Blake Williams 215

6. Eigo Sato 190

7. Levi Sherwood 180

8. Adam Jones 160

9. Robbie Maddison 160

10. Maikel Melero 145