One of the largest Big Air competitions for skiers was held in Âre, Sweden on Saturday night. Many of the world’s top riders were gathered to participate in the second edition of the Jon Olsson Invitational. The airtime was as impressive as the line-up and the crowd was given a spectacular show with world class new school skiing. After a solid performance, Jon himself could enter the podium as a proud winner.

Almost 7000 people came to see the top 28 invited riders do their best to impress the judges and the audience, in which they succeeded by far. The level was sky high when TJ Schiller, Sammy Carlson, Jacob Wester, Corey Vanular, Andreas Håtveit and Simon Dumont made high and clean jumps.

In the qualifier the riders were given two runs each, with the top eight qualifying for the head-to-head rounds. After many great rounds only four riders were left for the semi finals; TJ Schiller versus Andreas Håtveit and Jon Olsson versus PK Hunder. Håtveit did a clean bio 1260 but he could not beat TJ who took bronze by throwing a huge switch 1080. In the final round PK did a cork 720 nose grab but it wasn’t his best jump of the day and Jon stomped his new trick “Kangaroo Flip” (like a double flat spin 540), after that he was announced winner of his own competition.

Jon has worked hard both on creating a good event, plus he has spent days and nights preparing the jump to perfection. He was with out a doubt delirious with joy after the competition and he told the crowd that this was probably the happiest day of his life.

  • Jon Olsson, Sweden
  • PK Hunder, Norway
  • TJ Schiller, Canada
  • Andreas Håtveit, Norway

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