Jon Olsson Wins Slopestars


From The Mouth of Sammy Carlson: Sooooo folks… where to start, I don’t even know. Let’s see, well I flew into Sweden Thursday morning the first and tried to use my cell phone because I just upgraded my service to international and it didn’t work so I practically started crying. But on the bright side I caught some wireless internet action in Stockholm airport, come on everyone loves wireless… its the new black. A few hours later my fingers hurt from Myspacing all those Myspace hoes, so I jumped on my flight up to Are. I got into Are, and met with my shuttle service and had to borrow some ones phone so I could get a hold of the one and only Jon Olsson.

Let’s go on a little detour one thing about knowing Jon and being in Sweden when ever some one ask you what your doing in Sweden, its nice to just throw out the "yeah I’m here with Jon Olsson for this ski contest." Since Jon being the BALLA that he is, people usually get really stoked on ya. So if you guys ever go to Sweden just pretend your with Jon. It will be way more BALLA for ya.

So I got a hold of Jon, he was with TJ Schiller the big air man and they I guess are "BALLAS" so they got there own room at one of Are’s nicest hotels the TOTT, and there was no room for me, but I ended up getting an extra bed in the room, so it was alright.

Anyways… let’s talk about the contest. It was called Slopestars and it was broadcasted Live on Euro sport for those of you who saw it should be stoked because it was a pretty good show. Or so I hope it was. Oscar sherlin from Are, Sweden was there and he was absolutely destroying it doing switch bio tens with a insane japan grab, if you ask me he should have took the comp but hey when in Rome, or something like that. I don’t know wow this is getting long.

Okay, so I’ll get to the point the contest was pretty cool. It was a Two Jump Big Air and was at night, but the only thing that kinda sucked was the lights were orange so they weren’t very bright, but since we are professionals we did our best to push through it. So, it was head to head format and I went against the Kangaroo man himself Jon Olsson and he beat me like usual, which sucks because I always have to go against him first round. But that didn’t really bother me, I was just kinda messing around at the comp, I have had a really busy past couple weeks. So I was really tired, but then Thomas from Norway went head to head against another scandooooo and Thomas came out on top. He was head to head against Jon, and lets just say they both crashed in there final run and Jon came out on top. I ended up third, so I was pretty pumped and after the contest we went to Red Bull party that was for Jon… So it was a great time, he knows how to have fun.

Alright, well until next time – lataaa
Sammy C

Big Thank You To – Mattias Fredriksson – For The Killah Photos!!


Staff Writer


February 07, 2007

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