Sammy Carlson Wins Silver at X Games Ski Slopestyle


What started out as a very snowy day, ended in spectacular fashion – and weather. With elimination rounds in the morning, the boys were on the slope course all day, dealing with variable speed, snow and wind, with the top eight moving on to finals.

In the finals, the weather cleared and the sun managed to peak out for a bit of practice and a couple runs. Sammy Carlson’s 2nd place run – also his first of the finals – brought back the switch 1080 poke, rail switch ups and a big spin off the canon box. Pasty C has been looking for redemption since last year’s elimination round and he got it today.

Not able to qualify for finals were heavy hitters like Simon Dumont, who actually pulled his ski off in the middle of a misty 1080, but still managed to stomp it. No big deal. The speed on each run was variable, changing rider to rider, and it definitely threw some competitors for a loop.