7,000 Screaming Swedish Fans!!


The last year of Jon Olsson Invitational took place in Sweden and will officially go down in the record books as a groundbreaking event! The airtime was as impressive as the line-up of 29 invited riders from seven different countries.

In the qualifications the riders were given two runs each from which the top eight qualified to the head-to-head rounds. A new rule for this year forced the riders to perform different tricks in each run of the competition. After many great runs only four riders were left for the semi finals; Jacob Wester, SWE versus TJ Schiller, CAN and PK Hunder, NOR versus Simon Dumont, USA.

In the first semi Wester landed a double rodeo 9 Japan that took him to the finals after a crash by TJ Schiller. In the second semi PK’s Switch 1080 Mute beat a huge Bio 9 Trucker from Dumont to secure the second spot in the finals. In the run for third TJ and Dumont made it easy styles and came out with a 540 each, of which the judges viewed TJ’s as the better of the two.

In the finals Hunder and Wester went head to head in best of three runs and after two crashes from Wester the crowd thought everything was settled, but it turned out PK’s 1260 Nose Mute led to a disqualification since he had already performed the trick earlier in the night. So with one point each before the last run and almost every trick banned the two had to go for big air performance instead. PK landed a perfect 900 Nose Mute after an insanely charged Kangaroo 1080 Japan from Wester, unfortunately could not quite land.

Grete Eliassen from Norway, one of the world’s top female new school skiers, was the only invited girl in the starting field. She performed huge technical tricks with an amazing style and was a great inspiration for women across the globe.

Protagonist, organizer, idol and super skier Jon Olsson himself had worked hard both in creating this event and spending numerous days and nights preparing the jump to perfection. His fellow skiers and the crowd all agreed that this was THE Big Air Competition of the year!

Big ups to Greg Strokes, Oakley Sports Marketing Ski Manager for all his hard work in assisting with this insane weeklong event and team management of over a dozen Oakley competitors. The Oakley Ski Team represented huge at this one of kind contest, in which Oakley was a title sponsor.

Results Jon Olsson Invitational 2007:

  1. PK Hunder, NOR
  2. Jacob Wester, SWE (Oakley
  3. TJ Schiller, CAN
  4. Simon Dumont, USA (Oakley)