Eero Ettala Wins In Seoul, Korea

eero cash

When most people think of Seoul, Korea they remember the 1988 Summer Olympics, not snowboarding. But this past weekend in the heart of Seoul over 100,000 spectators gathered to watch some of the best freestyle snowboarders in the world throw down.

Oakley’s very own Eero Ettala took first place with these winning / banger tricks – backside 1080 to late cork with a mute grab and a double backside rodeo 900 with a mute grab. Mr. Ettala also became $24,000 richer by taking the first place prize, not a bad payday for a short trip to Korea of all places to go snowboarding.

Stefan Gimpl took 2nd and Markku Koski and Jaakko Ruha tied for 3rd place.


Matt Murray


December 12, 2009

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