Shaun White Wins Again...Go Figure!

Snow Riders Poll Awards main image.jpg

If you’re one of those people who never win anything, then let me introduce you to a guy who seems to win everything. His name is Shaun White, and after coming off an undefeated snowboarding season filled with gold medals and oversized checks, Shaun wins again. The difference this time is it was completely out of his control and up to his snowboarding peers.

Every season Transworld Snowboarding Magazine holds the "Riders Poll Awards", where the snowboarders vote on the men’s and women’s "rider of the year", "rookie of the year", "standouts" and the readers vote on who they think is the "rider of the year". This year, Oakley had a nominee in every single category. Eero Ettala and Shaun White were up for men’s "Riders of the year", Gretchen Bleiler was up for female "Rider of the Year", Elena Hight was nominated for women’s "Rookie of the Year" and Aaron Biittner was nominated for men’s "Rookie of the Year". This was a proud night for Oakley Snowboarding.

Shaun White ended up winning the votes of not only his snowboarding peers, but also his snowboarding fans and took home both the "Rider of the Year" award and the "Reader’s choice Rider of the Year" award.

Oakley’s Elena Hight (eyewear) was recognized for her massive accomplishments, one of which was being the youngest female to make the US Snowboarding Olympic Team, and she took home the "Women’s Rookie of the Year".

Just being nominated for such an award is an amazing accomplishment, so congratulations to all of Oakley’s athletes who were a part of this night.