Oakley Private Night Pipe Shoot!


So in unheralded proportions Oakley’s ski and snowboard team destroyed Copper Mountain’s early season (and only open) Superpipe under private lights. Oakley brought the heavy hitters, Kevin Pearce, Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont, Dustin Craven, Jossi Wells, Stale Sandbech and even Torstein Horgmo with many other team crushers.

Big thanks to Lauren, Pete, David Lee and Park Crew from Copper Mountain for making this insane session go down right before the first, Olympic Qualifying US Grand Prix.

To tell the story would not do it justice… you will just have to wait for the FUEL TV special feature during Oakley Week of The Daily Habit, airing January 12th – 16th.

Check some of the photos in a mega gallery.