Levi Sherwood Kicks Off X-Fighters Season With Back-to-Back Wins


In the shadow of one of Japan’s most famous castles, Levi Sherwood established himself as a strong contender to become king of Red Bull X-Fighters in 2014. With more than 20,000 screaming fans cheering him on in Osaka, Sherwood staged another dominating performance to win his second X-Fighters event in a row to begin the season.

“I like to push the riding part of freestyle – in FMX you have to both ride a bike and do big tricks. Where I want to see FMX go is really pushing riding skills and course design," Sherwood said. “I’m stoked right now. You can see the love of freestyle here in Japan.”

After winning in Mexico City in March and riding flawlessly in Osaka (which runs that included a Double Indy Flip, a Tsunami Flip and more), New Zealand’s Sherwood has set himself comfortably atop the season standings. Spain’s Dany Torres took third in Osaka, moving him to fourth in the standings. The next event takes place in Madrid in June.