ELEVATION! FMX Star Ronnie Renner Clears World Record 47 Feet for X Games Moto X Step Up Gold


Clearing a World Record 37 feet in ‘Moto X Step Up’ was absolutely epic…in 2011, that is.

The previous high mark was absolutely detonated on Friday night as Oakley Freestyle Motocross Star, Ronnie Renner, charged through an ultra dramatic 11 rounds of jumping to clear 47 feet for the glorious Gold medal. He successfully endured a head-to-head war with gravity and a determined Matt Buyten, who finally hit the bar at 46 feet.

“With out these opportunities we won’t have these moments,” Renner said. “It if wasn’t for X Games the platform of our sport wouldn’t be where it’s at today. God I love Step Up because there are no judges.”

Topping a star-packed field of six FMX veterans, the entire Action Sports and Moto worlds were at the seat of their pants as riders went blow-for-blow in attempting to clear the bar at unprecedented heights on a dirt bike. Ronnie tallied his third X Games Gold with the tantalizing result.

Running longer than expected, the exhilarating contest kept the crowd on its toes during the most epic Step Up to date.


Andrew De Lara


June 30, 2012

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