2005 Nokia Freestyle Motocross


During the weekend of November 19-20, the adrenaline freestyle motocross show of the year Nokia Freestyle Motocross took place. On Saturday the show started at 6 pm and on Sunday at 3 pm. On both days, the event drew total audience of 25,000 people to Sazka Arena in Prague.

Fifteen riders without a sense of self-preservation performed flips and other complex tricks with the crown prince of this adrenaline sport Nate Adams (US) among them. The show evoked the atmosphere of the ancient Roman gladiator games. The atmosphere in the arena was fascinating, the audience didn’t spare on cheering and in the end, there were even standing ovations for the 14-year old Petr Pilat.

The fighting gladiators were divided in two teams – North America versus Europe. The gladiators representing North America included Dustin Miller (USA), Jake Windham (USA), Andy Bell (CAN), Reagan Sieg (CAN), Mike Mason (USA), Jeff Fehr (CAN) and the greatest star of the show, the winner of this year’s X-fighters Nate Adams. They were challenged by European team lead by Petr Kuchar and further including Martin Koren, Libor Podmol, Petr Pilat, Zdenek Fusek and David Rejsek (all CR) as well as Morgan Carlson (NOR) and Jimmy Verbugh (BEL).

The results were not judged by the Caesar played by Leos Mares as in the Ancient Rome, but instead by the audience and their shouting. To ensure fair results, each fight was properly measured by a sound level meter. The fight of Europe vs. America ultimately ended with a truce. Europe dominated on Saturday while on Sunday the Americans stroke back.

After the fight of continents, the real highlight came in form of a new record that’s worth posting in the Guinness World Records. Petr Pilat, a school-boy as young as fourteen, was the youngest rider to jump a Backflip. Only a year ago, he was lying at an Intensive Care Unit with numerous serious injuries he suffered after a grave crash during an exhibition that almost cost him his life. Fifteen months later, he’s back on the motorcycle to write his name into the history of FMX.

He himself commented on his performance: “It was real tough.” His coach and the pioneer of freestyle motocross in the Czech Republic Petr “Kuchta” Kuchar said: “We believed he would make it. He’s always been capable of long jumps and only time will tell if I was right to say he would be the Czech Pastrana.”

Marek Rejman of the organizing agency GSMA commented on this year’s shows: “Huge demand enabled us to open two shows in the Czech Republic’s best sports hall Sazka Arena. I am proud of Petr Pilat who mastered the Backflip in a ‘veni, vidi, vici’ style and of Czech representatives who proved they don’t have to be afraid of their American colleagues and can daringly challenge them.”

Additional information from the world of freestyle motocross can be found at www.gsma.cz


Staff Writer


November 19, 2005