Renner Tops TW Exposuremeter


Oakley’s Ronnie Renner topped Transworld MX’s Exposuremeter for 2008, which tracks print and advertising exposure throughout the year.

Known for his outrageous trademark whip and his post-run breakdance moves, Ronnie Renner is not one to shy away from the camera. It’s a good thing, because anything could have happened when he took a crack at a new Step-up record while the cameras were rolling for the Discovery Channel’s Stunt Junkies program.

Renner’s trophy room already boasts a couple of X Games medals from the event, and now he can add the world record plaque to them.

Ronnie Renner’s QP freestyle motocross record at 59ft made ESPN’s Top Ten Moments of 2008.


Tess Weaver


January 28, 2009