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Airbrake MX - Red/White Retro Speed/Clear (57-981)

Levi Sherwood


Levi was introduced to motorbikes not long after he was introduced to the world in 1991. His father, Dave Sherwood, was a professional motorcycle speedway racer and it was natural for Levi to follow in his father’s dust tracks. However, after 18 years of going round in circles, Levi moved in to motocross where it looked like he might settle. Settling, though, is not in this rider’s blood and he soon realized that the adrenaline that comes with pulling tricks, huge jumps and wowing the crowds was much more his thing. Levi made a move to the world of FMX stunt riding and never looked back … or down. With a combination of outrageous tricks and superb...

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Recent FMX News

  • Silver: FMX Star Levi Sherwood Throws Down For Moto X Freestyle 2nd


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    The highflying Kiwi (New Zealand native) may not have claimed Gold. But make no mistake: Levi Sherwood threw down, big time, to take his second-straight Moto X Freestyle Silver at X Games on Thursday night. The young star shelled out a massive second run characterized by mental extensions – throwing a kiss of death backflip, a can can backflip and an extended kiss of death backflip to challenge for the Gold two years after claiming Silver behind Travis Pastrana (2009) as a rookie. But it just wasn’t enough to trump the magical evening of Taka Higashino – who executed the never before seen ‘Rock Solid Backflip’ for his first-ever Gold in six long years of attempts.

  • ELEVATION! FMX Star Ronnie Renner Clears World Record 47 Feet for X Games Moto X Step Up Gold


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Clearing a World Record 37 feet in ‘Moto X Step Up’ was absolutely epic…in 2011, that is. The previous high mark was absolutely detonated on Friday night as Oakley Freestyle Motocross Star, Ronnie Renner, charged through an ultra dramatic 11 rounds of jumping to clear 47 feet for the glorious Gold medal. He successfully endured a head-to-head war with gravity and a determined Matt Buyten, who finally hit the bar at 46 feet.

  • Kiwi Airborne: FMX Star Levi Sherwood Returns to X Games in Los Angeles


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Brace yourselves, X Games fans. Levi Sherwood is back. Oakley’s Kiwi (New Zealand native) Freestyle Motocross star is making his big return to Summer X Games in Los Angeles after sitting out a couple years due to a nasty injury. His last MotoX Freestyle final came in 2009 – his ‘rookie’ season – when he charged onto the scene in grand fashion, grabbing a silver medal behind the legendary Travis Pastrana himself. All at the ripe old age of 17. With stiff competition this year, the Final, set to begin at 6:30 p.m. Pacific (Thursday, June 28) will see Levi throwing down big time in a year when he claimed the Red Bull X Fighters opener in Dubai just a few months ago.

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