Freestyle MX Championships


Vegas was an exciting event, filled with big tricks, mohawks and tattoos. Most of Oakley’s best freestyle athletes competed in a very stacked field.

Oakley’s Mike Mason, who wore the new Oakley Crowbar™ MX, won the freestyle MX on Friday night. Then, Mason took the last spot on the podium, placing third on Saturday for his big flip variations such as a back-flip nac-nac. He then hit the podium for the third time that weekend for best trick; demonstrating another variation of the back-flip.

Drake McElroy made an appearance in Vegas, and rode very well; demonstrating technical tricks such as the dead body. Unfortunately, although he one of the most technical riders in freestyle, he is plagued by the flip.

At the event, 5 of 10 riders ran in the big ‘O’, along with Mike Metzger who co-hosted for FUEL TV. On Saturday, after the event, Red Bull hosted an after party at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. Also, we’d like to extend our praises to Myles Richmond, for winning the step-up event.


Staff Writer


September 23, 2005