Mike Metzger , an American Freestyle Motocross (FMX) rider, is an innovator and crazy individual that pretty much breaks all odds in every aspect of his life. He has done extremely well at everything that he puts his mind to. In the 2002 X-Games he won the Freestyle and Big Air events and got second place in Step Up, earning him an estimated $100,000 in three days. In 2003 he also got first place in Big Air. On May 4, 2006, Metzger completed “The Impossible Jump”, doing a world record backflip over the fountains in front of Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, seen live on ESPN. He is the first person to complete a backflip over the fountains, and only the second person to ever successfully land that jump. The others to attempt the jump over Caesars Palace’s fountains include Evel Knievel, Gary Wells, and Robbie Knievel, of which only Robbie landed successfully. Not only did Metzger complete this jump whilst performing a backflip, but he also set the record for distance, landing 125 feet from the takeoff ramp. Metzger is commonly known as “The Godfather of Freestyle Motocross” and was one of the first riders to begin doing basic tricks such as heel clickers and can cans. Mike is also known for craziness that has sometimes rivaled that of Travis Pastrana. A good example is the method by which Metzger learned backflips; he simply set up a FMX ramp (metal takeoff) to point at a sand dune, then started trying to flip the 50 foot gap. He crashed 5 times before sticking it on the 6th. In FMX today, riders generally learn inverted tricks like the flip by jumping into foam pits, giant bins filled with packing foam. Metzger’s method was much less safe, but much more memorable.

Invented McMetz, a trick in which the rider puts both feet over the handlebars in midair, then sweeps them backward towards his arms, takes his hands off the bars to allow the legs by, then remounts the bike after floating detached from it for a split second. </Check Out Mike’s Website

Q & A

  1. Filming Can Be

    Time consuming.

  2. What Are Risks

    Dirt Bikes

  3. The Last Time


  4. Oakley Is Different

    And the best

  5. You Feel Pain

    When I wake up every day and all day.

  6. The Crowds

    Pump me up

  7. Alcohol Is


  8. Travel Can Be

    Over rated.

  9. The Fans

    What drives me

  10. I Prefer

    My family

  11. My Parents

    Along with my family are my life.

Mike Metzger

Date of Birth:
November 19, 1975

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