Dix Visits The New CCTV Building


On an overcast Saturday afternoon Walter Dix paid a visit to the Oakley Safehouse to pick up his Bronze Holeshot watch and go on a little photo shoot to celebrate his two bronze medals in the 100 and 200m finals.

Some may think Walter is a shy person, and they maybe right, but really he is a down to earth, family orientated young man; who understands the world with a mature and open mind.

When we headed out to the new tower being built for China’s television station, it seemed only fitting that the future icon of Beijing in this massive structure be highlighted by the future of American track & field, Walter Dix. We shot several photos and played with the reflective elements of his Black Iridium lenses.

Afterwards we climbed back into our shuttle to chat about his experience in Beijing this summer. Unlike most young American track athletes, Walter does not wear some huge “bling bling” gold or platinum necklace around his neck. Instead he wears five rubber bands around his wrist.

When I asked Walter about the bands he had this to say, “It represents the five members in my family, there are five us including myself. And it helps me stay intact and focus on God first and I point to the sky, then I look at my bands to keep everything in order and then track comes after that.”

When Dix and I discussed how unique of a place Beijing was to all that visit, he reflected on all the different cultures coming together to compete in the biggest arena (the summer games) at a very different location.

“Being around so many different cultures and people it really opened my mind. To see how people function… we are all so much alike, but just in different ways. I mean I am sitting at breakfast with all these different athletes who do what I do, but in different ways and approaches from stretching to how the go about competing.”

There is no doubt the future is very bright for 22 year-old Walter Dix and Oakley looks forward to supporting him in the years leading up to London.


Matt Murray


August 25, 2008

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