Bling It On!


Oakley turned it out on Friday Night at the Safehouse providing an insanely good time for all who made it inside. With over 300 people making there way in and out of the party from 9pm to 2am things got pumping when the athletes started to show.

“It’s time to get this party started, I have invited over 50 people,” said Oakley Hurdler, Lolo Jones upon entering and giving Mark Maffe (Oakley China CM) a hug.

By 11pm everyone from Shawn Johnson to Amanda Beard to Jennie Finch to Gretchen Bleiler to the Canadian Rowing Eight where in the house breaking it down on the dance floor.

The highlight had to be around midnight when Lolo decided the dance floor was too crowded (which it was) and preceded to climb up onto the bar and dance for everyone’s enjoyment.

At 2am all the beverages in the Safehouse were consumed and nothing remained, but a very satisfied group of partygoers.

“This party was amazing, my best night in Beijing by far,” stated an Aussie Rower.