Double That Bronze


After taking home an amazing bronze medal in the 100-meter finals race, Walter Dix in his Custom USA color way Radars followed that up with a bronze in the 200-meter finals last night. Dix knows a little something about doubling down, just a year ago he lead his FSU Team to back to back National Championships in Track & Field.

Both races showcased the pure dominance Usain Bolt has on the competition taking gold medals in the 100 and 200, it was going to be a race for the two remaining spots on the podium for each race to which Walter went after in shear determination and will. What Dix may lack in comparison to Bolt he makes up in his unfailing ability to fight for every inch on the track that he can gain.

This was best witnessed with Walter’s rocket like take off out of the blocks in the 200-meter finals, where for the first 100 he laid the race. The last 40 meters laid witness to the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt taking his name literally and bolting to the finish in world record time.

A quite and family man at heart, unlike his fellow US teammates who wear big gold chains around their necks, Walter wears five rubber bands on his wrist to represent each member of his family. Someone who never looks for the attention might be receiving just that with his two bronze medals and counting. Look for Walter Dix one last time in the 4×100 Meter USA Team Men’s Finals Saturday night.


Matt Murray


August 21, 2008

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