Chinese Baseball Visits Safehouse


A handful of Team China’s baseball team made their way over to the Safehouse today to enjoy some food, beverages and make some new Custom Oakley eyewear.

Team China is still very new to the international field of baseball, but held their own with a win against Chinese Taipei 8-7. Proving although they have a lot of room to grow, they can definitely play on a global level.

Chinese baseball has been a five-year project headed up by former Dodgers infielder Jim Lefebvre a true professor of the game.

“It’s been a tremendous challenge,” stated Lefebvre. But after learning the language it appears Chinese baseball is headed in the right direction. I mean a nation of 1.5 billion cannot be a bad place to learn one of the grandest games of all-time.


Matt Murray


August 21, 2008

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