Dual Gold Triathlete Medalists


Both of Oakley’s gold medal triathletes, Emma Snowsill and Jan Frodeno came by the Safehouse to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Jan arrived first and was presented his gold Holeshot watch from Leander Angerer, Oakley Sports Marketing Manager from Germany and a toast of champagne to which Jan stated, “Oh, this is the good stuff!”

Emma arrived later in the afternoon like the fireball she is, bouncing around the room taking photos with all the photographers and hamming it up for Mark Shonka and the RED Camera. Snowsill was happy to try on her new gold Holeshot, although it barely fit her small triathlete wrists. Oakley’s CEO, Scott Olivet who arrived in Beijing yesterday conversed with Emma and Team Oakley Australia, and toasted them with a some proper bubbly.

One of the toughest sports in the Olympic Games, it was a true testament to the Oakley brand to take home gold in both the men’s and women’s divisions. The future looks very bright for these Oakley triathlete’s as they are both only 27 years young!


Matt Murray


August 20, 2008