Rolling Into Week 2 at The Safehouse


As things continue to roll in China for week two, the Oakley Safehouse remains to be the hot spot for athletes, industry guests and media. The following are comments made by the visitors thus far in week two.

“Oh my god you have Coronas,” said numerous athletes at the tennis stadium to Pat Cairns.

“You actually have real plates and silverware,” stated over a dozen different athletes.

“Rockband is my favorite game ever, so stoked you have it,” said cyclist Taylor Phinney.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,” said gold medalist British Rowing Team, Purchase and Hunter.

“Can I have that watch Welchy,” said gold medalist Olaf Tufte to Greg Welch.

“Is all of this free… really it’s all free!” said a group of European athletes.

“Every other sponsor house has a corporate vibe, but the Oakley Safehouse is all about fun,” said Alexander Horsch, Beach Volleyball player.

“I’m wearing my new awesome Radars to the bar tonight to help me pick up a chick,” said an Aussie swimmer.

“When I saw the limited edition Oakley watch at the Sydney Games I knew I had to have one. Finally 8 years later we have won the gold and I have the coveted gold Holeshot watch,” said Jake Wetzel, Rowing 8’s Gold Medal Winner of Canada.

“I had to wait over 30 minutes just to get a water at my hotel this morning. This place is amazing from the food to the drinks to the Wii set-up to the internet to the live TV feeds to the fellow medal winners,” said Dominic Seiterle Rowing 8’s Gold Medal Winner of Canada.

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