Exceeding Expectations


In one of the most anticipated finals of the Summer Games, the 91,000 fans whose photo flashes filled the still night air and the millions watching on TV saw quite possibly the best race in Beijing. In the 10-second flash of brilliance that was the men’s 100-meter final, Oakley’s Walter Dix saw through the white flashes bouncing off of the dark night’s sky with the aid of his high intensity persimmon lenses inside his custom red, white and blue Radars, pushed his way to a solid third place finish.

Dix was predicted to podium in the 200-meters (finals are tomorrow), but not necessarily in the 100.

“It definitely brings track back,” said Walter Dix of the United States, the bronze medalist in 9.91, speaking to the fact that the race had brought track back to the front pages without the drug cases and credibility issues.

A rookie to the Summer Games, Dix looks to continue his medal success tomorrow night in the men’s 200-meter finals.


Matt Murray


August 18, 2008

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