Maybe it was a dull moment during the soccer tournament she was playing in that caused Amanda Geving to cast a glance to the BMX track next door. She saw people riding and jumping on the track, which apparently looked way more fun than soccer so Amanda asked her parents if she could try it out. She fell in love with BMX and the romance has lasted ever since.

Amanda’s father, Bill, supported her as a young racer by taking her to races and cheering for her from the bleachers. But then comments about how good she was becoming and how much potential she possessed got tossed his way and Bill took that as a hint to ratchet up his support. He educated himself on the setup, care, and maintenance of Amanda’s BMX bikes so that he could fix them on-the-spot.

In addition to her father’s efforts, Amanda witnessed how hard the pros worked at racing and their perseverance influenced Amanda to work just as hard in order to one day arrive at that level.

Burnout, however, can come quickly to BMX racers, especially since they start racing as early as five years old and the pressure to race flawlessly compounds with each uncontrollable variable, of which there are many in BMX racing.

“Training for BMX is definitely a long hard quest and sometimes it is hard to stay focused and motivated,” Amanda said. “But I make sure to mix things up every once in a while and go 4-wheeling, go to the beach, hang out with my family and, best of all, just make sure to get my head clear and relax every so often.”

Amanda Geving

amanda geving
Date of Birth:
February 8, 1989
Largo, Florida, USA

Career Highlights

    • 2012: 4th, Papendal, Netherlands Supercross World Cup

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