He’s the Canadian BMX sensation who trains by particpating in Canada’s favorite pasttime – hockey. When not tearin’ it up on a BMX track, you can usually find Tory on the ice, doin’ his best impersonation of Chaz Michael Michael. Well … not quite. More like Wayne Gretzky.
Tory’s first jaunt with Team Redline was as a young 13 year old; where he was quickly promoted to full Factory status and wound up winning the NAG No.1 plate in ABA aboard a 99% bonestock Flight bike. (He’d only swapped out the pedals to clip less.)

After a breif departure, Redline got their Canadian distributor – Jay Miron, of 10-Pack Distribution, to give Tory a hip-check at the local rink. They are rumored to have negotiated him back to Team Redline while sitting in the penalty box.

Prior to the 2008 Olympics, Nyhaug helped train with Canada’s two Olympic hopefuls. Although too young to qualify for the games in Beijing – he was only 16 at the time, Tory was forcing the two potential Olympians to step up their game on a Supercross-style track – when he suddenly had a bizarre wreck that broke BOTH his arms. (If you ever meet tory in person, ask him to show you the scars left by Canada’s fine medical plan.)

But the broken arms didn’t hold him back for long – and in 2009, Nyhaug made an tremendous comeback just in time for the new ABA-ran UCi North American series. Starting with some wins in the Great White North, Tory continued to give the Junior Elite riders a run for their crystal goblets. By being consistently on the podium, and standing on all three rungs throughout the year, Tory took his ’09 Flight bike to the overal Jr.Elite Championship for 2009.

In November, he celebrated by filling out a Pro application and will no doubt be movin’ up to AA-pro before too long. If all goes as planned, by the time 2012 Olympics in London roll around – Canada’s easy choice for a spot on their BMX Olympic team will be none other than the hockey-playin’ Redline rider from BC.

Tory Nyhaug

Tory Nyhaug
Date of Birth:
April 17, 1992
Coquitlam, British Columbia
REDLINE, Coca-Cola, B2Ten, CCA, CyclingBC, Oakley, Leatt Brace, Ogio

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