Giant Froggies?! Oakley Rocks Texas Toast Jam BMX Extravaganza


Oh, the beloved Frogskins.

A timeless design that first sent shock waves through the BMX world back in the mid-80’s, the ever-popular “Froggies” are still as popular in the action sports and BMX world as they ever were. So popular, in fact, that a pair was blown up…big time…to “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” status for the Oakley-sponsored Texas Toast Jam event in Austin, Texas last week.

Featuring the best riders on the Planet, including Oakley’s own BMX Star Chase Hawk (qualified in first place, finished second overall), the extravaganza was graced by dirt jumping, street events, mini contests (bunny hop high jump and rail jam) and the much-hyped, super scary ‘Gauntlet of Death’ obstacle course – plus bands, food, drinks, after parties, a video premiere and more. Sufficed to say, it absolutely went off.

As a premiere obstacle in the Gauntlet of Death, the newly feared Froggies were as much of a death trap for riders as they were a super stylin’ addition to the landscape.

(Gauntlet Rules: 1) If you touch your foot or fall, you must start over. 2) The Credence Wheel of Misfortune Must be Spinning. 3) Save the Princess (Blow Up Doll) and Safely Escape the Dragon to Win.)

All Images by Nuno Oliveira

Peep the ESPN recap!


Andrew De Lara


June 07, 2011

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