Grips, Froggies and Gloves-Oh My! Oakley and SE Bikes Collaboration Delivers Retro BMX Experience

SE Oakley B1-B Grip on PK Ripper Looptail

Old School Oakley Factory Pilots: It’s time to get your retro fix on.

With the super limited edition retro Frogskins that have been releasing lately, SE Bikes took all of that and stepped it all up a notch. Collaborating with Oakley, the SE Bikes ultra special collection is bringing you three different projects and products (extremely limited, of course) to send you back to the BMX glory days of the 80’s – while lacing you with modern-day flare, that is.

Are you drooling yet? The first offering will come in the form of Oakley’s ultra high in demand B1-B re-issue grips – outfitted on SE’s 2011 retro PK Ripper Looptail Bike. The grips, which haven’t really been out in the market since the 80’s, will consist of five different colorways with only 500 pair of each color being produced. But the 2011 PK Ripper Looptail will come with a very exclusive black-on-black color that’s not available anywhere else. Only 200 of this limited edition bike will be available in the USA this year.

Not awesome enough? You’re gonna’ need some matching hand gear to complement those O grips. Enter the SE x Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves. These bad boys aren’t only stylin’ with the classic ‘SE Racing’ and ‘Oakley Factory Pilot logos…they’re also technologically superior to the other crud you have sitting around: Featuring finger grippers made of Oakley’s patented Unobtanium® material. The same material used in Oakley’s original grips and the earsocks in today’s O sports performance eyewear…yes, that sick stuff that grips more when it gets wet. The gloves will go on sale in April 2011 at select SE retailers and at for $30.

Oh, but we’re not done yet, folks. What would functional, 80’s style race gear be without the legendary Frogskins to complete the collection? The SE x Oakley Froggies feature SE’s blue & brown colorway & famous “SE Racing” logo – combined with one of the most famous shades designs of all time. But if you’re really going to hurt for these, you better get to steppin’. One hundred pairs of these Froggies have been sent to select SE distributors across the globe – and the other 100 pairs are right here in the good ole’ USA.

Again, the Froggies are super, ridiculously limited. But if you do manage to get your hands on some, they’ll be yours for about $120.

What are you waiting for, you nostalgic Oakley superfans?! Start scouring the country and the globe for these things.