Scion 2DX


On January 28, Scion with the help of Oakley and Red Bull hosted a multi-sport demo, surf competition and music festival. The event Included such sports as skydiving, kite surfing, and break dancing, it was truly a sight to behold.

Although the weather condition was less than ideal, with strong winds and sporadic showers. The athletes made the best of it and put on a hell of a show for the thousands of locals who showed up to watch.

The icing on the cake came when Oakley BMX riders Steven Murray , Alistair Whitton , Koji Kraft and local ripper Ronnie Medina hit the dirt jumps and put on nothing short of a BMX clinic. With strong wind gusts and wet jumps, the riders were initially skeptical of their ability to put on a good show for the people. However, with help from the crowd in the form of deafening cheers and chants, they came through and proved that Oakley BMX knows how to get it done.

So impressed was Steven Murray with the abilities of local Oakley BMX rider Ronnie Medina, he gave Medina half of his trip earnings. “Ronnie reminds me of myself when I was an up and comer, he doesn’t know what fear is. He kills it on a bike,” said Murray.

All of us at Oakley would like to extend much thanks to Michael Gutierrez for organizing this amazing event. His passion for alternative sports and its athletes, became more than apparent throughout 2DX.


Staff Writer


January 28, 2006