Josh Harrington wins Toronto Metro Jam


It was another crazy weekend for the Oakley BMX team – full of freaking acrobatics on bikes. If you have never seen an event like this up close, then you don’t know what you are missing because TV and video do not do it justice!

Oakley’s Josh Harrington was able to defend his 2005 Toronto Metro Jam title with another win in the 2006 event. The Metro Jam is known for its critical judging that favors the “core” BMX athletes and definitely not the defending champion. With over 90 pros entering the contest it’s hard to make the finals. Winning the Toronto Metro stop two years in a row has never been done before, so Josh, needless to say, was stoked.

Josh was not holding anything back this year! Double truck over the massive box, then it was a tranny-to-tranny around 20 feet long. It was definitely something that most would have been happy just jumping across. He then pulled off a barspin to fuf, from an 8-foot tranny to the top of an 8-foot fence. It was definately one of the gnarliest things at the competition.

Also getting it done for the O was Alistair Whitton, Benny Korthaus (Oakley Germany) and Matt Beyers (Oakley Canada). Alistair and Benny road amazing but it was not enough to get them in the finals. In addition, Matt Beyers was unable to compete due to an injury.

Josh also won the best trick award that was sponsored by Oakley. Oakley has been sponsoring the best trick for the past three years and it is one of the highlights of the event.

Here are a couple of quotes from Josh about the weekend:

“I was really amped about winning the Oakley hard trick comp. I’ve wanted to do a barspin jump over grind on a legit rail for a while and couldn’t believe it worked out first go…”

“Winning Toronto Metro in 05 and 06 is really crazy to me. There were so many people riding amazing so I was really shocked when Paul called my name out in first…”

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March 03, 2006