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Enduro - Matte Grey Smoke/Grey (OO9223-09)

Chase Hawk


Style: Chase Hawk has it in spades. Ask almost anyone in BMX what attribute sets Chase apart and it’s that one key ingredient. And it applies to whatever discipline of BMX you might think of. Be it in Park or Street or Dirt, he alreadys brings his own unique flair. Born and raised in Austin, Texas – a burgeoning hotbed for BMX riders – Chase has used the diverse landscape as his training grounds and in turn has evolved into one of the most well-rounded and well-respected riders in ...

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Recent BMX News

  • Premium: BMX Ripper Josh Harrington Drops 2012 Video Parts


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Josh Harrington rips. And wouldn’t have it any other way. Oakley’s BMX charger recently dropped a video from Premium Products, just to reemphasize the point. Peep him smashing Las Vegas, San Diego and Ohio on camera…

  • Return: BMX Ripper Luke Parslow Update, Signing with SE Bikes


    Posted over 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Luke Parslow is back – and feeling like a new man. Oakley’s BMX Team Ripper, coming off an injury in the 2011 off-season, is starting anew with his SE Bikes signing. Get the latest update from Luke himself:

  • Young Icon: BMX Ripper Chase Hawk Cruises Into X Games 17 With Speed and Style


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Don’t know about Oakley’s roots? Now’s the time for a little refresher. X Games 17 is the ultimate reminder of the company’s roots in BMX. From the company’s founding in 1975, the sport has been at the brand’s core. Whether it’s our very first product, high-tech BMX/Motocross grips, to our first athletes, BMX has been at the very heart of the Big O. So let’s take the time to introduce you to the future. Enter Chase Hawk. Oakley’s BMX ripper, known far and wide in the industry as one of the most respected riders for his sheer style, speed and fluidity, Chase is a model of what the O BMX Team stands for these days. And he’s about to drop into X Games 17’s BMX Park contest, his own way.

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