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Enduro - Matte Grey Smoke/Grey (OO9223-09)

Chase Hawk


Style: Chase Hawk has it in spades. Ask almost anyone in BMX what attribute sets Chase apart and it’s that one key ingredient. And it applies to whatever discipline of BMX you might think of. Be it in Park or Street or Dirt, he alreadys brings his own unique flair. Born and raised in Austin, Texas – a burgeoning hotbed for BMX riders – Chase has used the diverse landscape as his training grounds and in turn has evolved into one of the most well-rounded and well-respected riders in ...

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Recent BMX News

  • Heritage: Oakley’s BMX Roots Highlighted at Texas Toast Jam, Rider-Run Event Celebrates Core


    Posted over 1 year ago by Andrew De Lara

    Fact: There are always Frogskins at BMX events. But at Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam in Austin – despite the abundance of Oakley eyewear (of course) present on every other face, rider or fan – the most compelling stories can be found tucked away in the corners away from the modern dirt jumps, gnarly obstacles and vibrant street course. Just off the main path on the venue grounds, a small, inconspicuous tent glows with rich history. Vintage racing bikes from yesteryear are displayed in all their storied glory. And there’s one symbol on hand, on more than one of the old bikes, that reflects not only the sport’s glorious past…but also the storied heritage of a Global Powerhouse brand. The Oakley Grip. There simply is no better place to celebrate the brand’s roots in two-wheel sports than at an event so decidedly “core.”

  • Mike "Hucker" Clark Wins Best Dirt Jumper at NORA Cup Awards

    2012 Ride BMX NORA Cup Red Carpet

    Posted almost 2 years ago by Chasen Marshall

    Mike “Hucker” Clark is as talented as he is unpredictable. It’s part of what makes him such a compelling character in the BMX world. It’s that talent, though, that draws the attention of fans and fellow riders. It’s also the reason why this past Thursday he was awarded the Number One Dirt Jumper of the Year at Ride BMX’s 16th Annual NORA Cup Awards held in Las Vegas.

  • The Unit: BMX Ripper Josh Harrington Charges North Carolina, Rocks Camera Skills


    Posted about 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Josh Harrington’s forte may be crushing it on two wheels. But make no mistake, he can hold his own behind the lens. Oakley’s BMX Team ripper recently teamed up with Dan Foley in Greenville, N.C. for a few intense sessions at “The Unit” – taking turns with the camera and shooting each other for your viewing pleasure. Check it!

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