Style: Chase Hawk has it in spades. Ask almost anyone in BMX what attribute sets Chase apart and it’s that one key ingredient. And it applies to whatever discipline of BMX you might think of. Be it in Park or Street or Dirt, he alreadys brings his own unique flair. Born and raised in Austin, Texas – a burgeoning hotbed for BMX riders – Chase has used the diverse landscape as his training grounds and in turn has evolved into one of the most well-rounded and well-respected riders in the sport today.

Chase Hawk


No one owes you anything. You make each day count.

Date of Birth:
July 25, 1986
Austin, Texas
Cult, Empire BMX, Fox, Oakley, Odyssey BMX, Pro-Tec, Rockstar, Etnies
Playing the drums, skating, listening to music & going to shows, and chilling with friends

Career Highlights

    • 2014: Gold Medal, X Games Park – Austin, Texas
    • 2011: 4th, X Games Park – Los Angeles
    • 2009: "No. 1 Ramp Rider," NORA Cup Awards
    • 2007: 2nd, Simpel Sessions