BMX Articles by Date

October 2012

  • Dennis Enarson Finishes Second in Inaugural BMX Streetstyle at Dew Tour in San Francisco


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Chasen Marshall

    Dennis Enarson was so close to taking home a win in a new discipline at Dew Tour Toyota City Championships in San Francisco. He had one last run to win it all. Though he nailed the run, the judges scores had him come up just short, and he settled for second. “I just wanted to think of one solid run. The first two I messed up on, so it was nice to have a third run to get everything together,” Enarson said. He held nothing back in the last run, throwing down a high-speed flat ground 360, a huge gap to wall ride and a perfect backflip tailwhip over the box. He knew that he had to step it up and ended up pulling the exact run he had put together in his head, but it just wasn’t enough to hold on to first over Garrett Reynolds.

  • Heritage: Oakley’s BMX Roots Highlighted at Texas Toast Jam, Rider-Run Event Celebrates Core


    Posted almost 2 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Fact: There are always Frogskins at BMX events. But at Odyssey’s Texas Toast Jam in Austin – despite the abundance of Oakley eyewear (of course) present on every other face, rider or fan – the most compelling stories can be found tucked away in the corners away from the modern dirt jumps, gnarly obstacles and vibrant street course. Just off the main path on the venue grounds, a small, inconspicuous tent glows with rich history. Vintage racing bikes from yesteryear are displayed in all their storied glory. And there’s one symbol on hand, on more than one of the old bikes, that reflects not only the sport’s glorious past…but also the storied heritage of a Global Powerhouse brand. The Oakley Grip. There simply is no better place to celebrate the brand’s roots in two-wheel sports than at an event so decidedly “core.”