Sean Rosenthal made his debut on the AVP tour as a 17-year old in 1997. In 2008 Sean competed in the Summer Olympics in Beijing where he and partner Jake Gibb placed 5th. Sean has a local legion of fans in the South Bay, known as “Rosie’s Raiders.” He trains regularly in Hermosa Beach. When he’s not training, Sean can be found on the golf course where he often plays 36 holes a day… or at “Sangria” in Hermosa Beach.

Sean Rosenthal

rosie at bud club
Date of Birth:
June 19, 1980
Hermosa Beach, CA
golf, video games, the pier in Hermosa Beach

Career Highlights

    • AVP Best Defensive Player 2007
    • 5th place finish- Beijing Summer Olympics 2008
    • 2009 Manhattan Beach Open champion

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