MLB All-Star Week In The Bronx


Oakley’s third Rolling O Lab truck was officially deployed for its maiden voyage early last week from Foothill Ranch Headquarters. Arriving on Sunday for the Future’s All-Star Game and Celebrity / Legends Softball Game, the brand new bright orange truck pulled off the Major Degan Expressway at 161st in the Bronx.

The O Lab’s location could not have been more perfect, parked right in front of the stadium next to Babe’s bat and under the “26 Time World Champion” North Metro Bridge the Rolling O Lab turned more then a few heads. A big thank you needs to go out to Ryan Evert for his fantastic relationship with the Bronx Police in allowing us to park in such an amazing location.

Last year both the Future’s and MLB All-Star Game MVPs were Oakley eyewear players, and not to be out done, 2008 would produce the same feat!

The Future’s Game kicked off on Sunday at 12:37pm under bluebird skies and 90 degree NYC heat. The game would be a low scoring affair until the Boston Red Sox top single-A player, #24 Che-Hsuan Lin came to bat in his blue iridium Radars, belting a home run into the left field seats.

Lin known more for his speed and amazing talent in the outfield provide he can also swing a big stick, propelling the World Team to another win in the Future’s All-Star Game. For his crushing home run Che-Hsuan would be awarded the XM Radio Future’s All-Star Game MVP trophy.

The afternoon wrapped up with the classic Celebrity / Legends Softball Game which saw many top people in today’s showbiz world and former players wearing Oakley eyewear; everyone from Kenny Mayne of ESPN to 2008 Hall of Famer Goose Gossage where wearing different Oakley sports performance pieces to protect there eyes from the sunny afternoon skies.

Monday brought the excitement of Home Run Derby, probably the most popular part of MLB All-Star Week. Pre-gaming before the festivities got underway, the Rolling O Lab gave private VIP tours to MLB players like Carlos Guillen to Mike Golic from ESPN’s Mike and Mike Show to Hannah Storm of NBC Sports. The newest installment in the Oakley fleet of Rolling O Lab trucks went over big with all who visited her.

The Derby itself produced some truly awesome displays of power from Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, who would hit 28 homers in the first round alone, providing straight up moon shots into the right-center field and right field seats.

Tuesday was our final day on site with again more private VIP tours for many different MLB execs, ballplayers like Yankee Phenom Joba Chamberlain and a private barbershop for players to get cleaned up before the big game. Gosse Gossage came by to check out the latest Oakley O Lab truck and do an interview with about Oakley.

When game time finally arrived over 56,000 fans streamed into the house that Ruth built to send off the last season at 161st and River Ave. Yankee Stadium was the first true baseball stadium or cathedral ever in Major League Baseball history. So this year’s All-Star Game was even more special with every living Hall of Famer being recognized before the game started at there said position on the field with the starting line ups of the American and National Leagues.

Everyone knew that this would be a special night in the Bronx, but no one could know that it would go down as the longest night in All-Star history. After 4 hours and 50 minutes of baseball the American League won in 15 innings of exceptional baseball. The hero and MVP of the game was JD Drew of the Red Sox, who can be seen wearing the Red Sox MLB Flak Jacket during the second half of this season.

Around 3am the party was officially over in the Bronx for Rolling O Lab #3 Crew – Ryan, Micah and Frank… calling it a night because by mid-afternoon the next day they had to be at Mt. Snow, VT for stop number two of the East Coast.

Tons of people needed to be thanked, but at the top of the list has to be the Bronx Police. Additionally, Garry, Ryan, Frank, Adam, Micah, Louie and Family, Jason, MLB, the Yankees and all the fans that help keep baseball – America’s Past Time.