Howie Kendrick


The hot swinging and solid defensive second baseman Howie Kendrick of the Los Angeles Angels is ready to break out and fulfill the promise of his #1 prospect for the Texas League of Baseball America in 2005. Earlier this season Howie went down with an injury which put him on the DL for almost two months, but by the end of May he was back in the line up and helping his Angels stay atop the AL West.

The former Pacific Coast League Rookie of the Year (2006), Kendrick is finally settling into his role as the starting second baseman of the Los Angeles Angels. Currently batting in the number two spot, Howie’s batting average is a solid .338 at the time this article hit and looks to be one of the main spark plugs at the top of the Angels line-up.

When asked about his goals for the 2008 season, Howie stated, "Just get into a solid rhythm of timing, more along the lines of how I started out the season prior to my injury.

“My key will be paying attention to the little things to help us win ball games, whether that be in the field or at the plate. It’s important for me to separate the two so I can focus equal amount of time on each.”

The Angels are off to one of their best starts in history with 39-25 record, tops in the AL West. Kendrick feels the biggest difference to their continued and growing success is the pitching. “Our pitching this season has been lights out, the bull pen has been super strong,” said Howie. “Franky Rodriguez (Oakley Rx) has been almost unhittable with 26 saves in 27 attempts. And the starters have been giving us strong outings deep into the game. I mean, Lackey has been straight dealing since his return to the starting rotation.”

Kendrick has been wearing Oakley’s sunglasses for several years now. “I prefer playing with Oakley sunglasses because they are simply the best sunglasses out their for ballplayers… they allow you to have the clearest vision, fit great on your face and don’t hit your hat,” Howie explains. “When it comes to sports nothing really even compares to Oakley!”

Oakley and the MLB have joined forces to debut team sunglasses in our Flak Jacket sports performance eyewear line. Available in 11 different team designs, the Angels being one of the them, Kendrick believes they will be a huge hit with the Orange County / Angels fan base. “From the lenses being laser inscribed with team logos to the HOT red and white color ways I think the fans are going to love these, and make them feel more apart of the team. My teammates have been telling me how much they stand out and asking me where I got them. These sunglasses are good for baseball and Oakley.”


Matt Murray


June 09, 2008

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