Yankees Get HDO


This weekend the Rolling O Lab hit Tampa, Florida for one of the most impactful demonstrations every done for a Major League Baseball Team. Everyone from past Yankee Legends to Future Phenoms walked through the O Lab and all were blown away

The Rolling O Lab was strategically placed in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Parking Lot, which doubles as the parking for “Legends Field” across the street. Yankee Spring Training Games are sold out before Spring Training even begins, so this was a great place to talk to the everyday consumer as well.

First Base Coach and baseball legend, Tony Pena was a riot. He was pumped on the Oakley Flak Jacket, but wanted to make sure he had lenses for all conditions. “The best part about your shades is that you have a lens for every condition,” stated Tony. Which was backed up at Saturday’s rain soaked game in which Pena wore his Flak’s with orange persimmon lenses.

Yankee Legend Tino Martinez, who helped power the Bronx Bombers to four World Series Crowns from 1996 to 2000 has been an Oakley fan for years and could not have been more stoked to learn about HDO. Tino took some time to tour the Lab and try on the new MLB “Yankee” Flak Jacket.

Maybe the most popular player in all of baseball right now, Joba Chamberlain hooked up with Ryan Evert and I for a little photo shoot wearing the new MLB Flak Jacket and trying out a pair of Thump Pros. Later that night the Rolling O Lab Crew and a select few of us partied down with Joba at the Tampa Pro Party.

On Saturday morning at 7am (talk about being interested) Joba came by to get a private tour of the Rolling O Lab with Adam Racioppi. Joba was floored by the presentation, “You don’t realize sometimes how easily your eyes can be damaged,” said Joba. “After seeing this demonstration I am definitely sending my sister some Oakley sunglasses!”

Four of the Yankees pitching staff came by at 7am as well to get a private tour of the Rolling O Lab’s R&D Demo. Edwar Ramirez was one of them, who sports the Oakley Rx Flak Jackets every time he goes out to pitch.

Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy are being touted as the second coming of the Atlanta Braves pitching staff from the 90s. Phil has been an Oakley fan his whole life going back to his days in high school at Santa Ana High. And Joba was pumped to drive the Rolling O truck around Tampa thanks to Ryan Evert. Check out their one on one interview by clicking here.

The loan inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008 is Goose Gossage who came by the Rolling O Lab for a tour with his family. Goose is known as one of the greatest closers in MLB history, winning two World Series with the NY Yankees in 77 and 78. Additionally, Goose was one of the first MLB players to wear Oakley sunglasses. “Make sure you say hi to Jannard for me,” laughed Gossage. “He came into my dugout back in the day with some crazy sunglasses for us to wear. I have been an Oakley fan every since. You pick out the style and I will wear Oakley’s during my induction ceremony at Cooperstown this summer.”
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A big thank you needs to go out to Garry, Janet, Louie (and his brother), Tanja, Ryan, the Rolling O Lab Crew, and all the Yankees that came by for tours and interviews.


Matt Murray


March 25, 2008