Kelvim Escobar lead the Angels to victory with his 12th win in 2007, by providing another solid performance. Escobar put in six strong innings and kept the Twins hitters at bay with just one earned run while striking out four. Kelvim’s ERA dropped to fifth overall in the National League and a career low at 2.74. Before the game Escobar gave us a few minutes of his time to chat about the great season the Angels are having and his long running relationship with Oakley Rx.

This year has been one of your best statistically, what do you attribute that too most?

Nothing is really that different, my approach has been the same the last three years with the Angels. I guess the biggest difference has been my ERA has been a lot lower and I am getting more people out in key situations. Overall I have just had better results and I am staying focused on that.

You have been using the Oakley product for a while now, how do you feel about the products we make?

It helps me a lot, I have pretty poor vision and the eyewear Oakley provides me with makes my vision much better. I can see the target of the catcher’s mitt so much better it’s amazing. I am happy to wear the Oakley Rx glasses; I have been wearing them since I played for the Blue Jays.

The Angels are lined up for another playoff run, what will it take for the team to make a run in October?

Pitching will be the biggest difference, it almost always is and it’s the same case with our team. We have a really good team this year from top to bottom, if I were to say something else stands out about our team it would be our speed on the base path. The speed has been a huge advantage for our team the entire season and I see that being another key element in our success. But really in the end it comes down to our pitching.

Talk about your relationship with Oakley?

Oakley has been great to me, especially my relationship with Garry (Oakley Baseball Marketing Manager); he has known me since my days with the Blue Jays and has always treated me really well. I can talk to Garry about baseball or anything he has become a really good friend of mine. And that speaks to the Oakley name that they have such individuals working for them.


Matt Murray


August 12, 2007