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Matt Kemp


Matt Kempis a Major League Baseball player who plays outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He made his Major League Debut in 2006. In 2011, Kemp led the National League in runs scored (115), total bases (353), OPS+ (171), WAR (7.8), home runs (39), and runs batted in (126). Additionally, he became the first player to finish in the top two in both home runs and steals since Hank Aaron in 1963.

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Recent Baseball News

  • Oakley Spring Training Tour Kicks Off


    Posted about 3 years ago by Matt Murray

    Once again it’s that time of year where the best ballplayers in the world get primed up for the 162 game regular season and hopefully a run at making “The Series” in late October. Yesterday the Rolling O Lab was parked outside the Phillies facility in Clearwater, FL to educate fans and consumers, as well as allow Oakley’s Baseball Sports Marketing Manager supply the players with the best eyewear in the game.

  • MLB Set To Kick-Off 2011 Season


    Posted about 3 years ago by Matt Murray

    Honestly it’s one of the most exciting times of the year in sports with the NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball and Hockey closing in on their respective post seasons as well as the start to the PGA Tour, ATP Tour, NASCAR, and F1. I mean the list just goes on and on with great sports action. One of the sports with the most American history has to be the start of Spring Training for the MLB.

  • Steady Domination: Oakley’s Ichiro Suzuki Grabs MLB’s ‘Most Dependable Player of the Year’ Honors


    Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    “With Ichiro, you know what you’re gonna’ get.” And that’s kick-a** play all the time. said it. We knew it. And the World was reminded of that fact this past week when Oakley’s Ichiro Suzuki was named the ‘Most Dependable Player of the Year” in the Greatness in Baseball Yearly (GIBBY) Awards on the MLB Network. The facts tell the whole story. A Major League record of 10 straight 200 hit seasons. 10 straight All-Star appearances. 10 Straight Golden Glove Awards. That’s pure awesomeness, plain and simple.