Born and raised in Orange County, California, Mark Trumbo has remained a home-town favorite for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Splitting his time between first, third base and the outfield, Trumbo has established himself as a legitimate starter for the Southern California based Major League Baseball Team.

In 2011, Trumbo led all rookies with 29 home runs and 87 RBI’s, while batting .254 in his rookie campaign. He finished second in Rookie of the Year voting that year. Trumbo also led the American League in putouts with 1,284 in 2011. Trumbo was selected to the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in his sophomore season. It is the first of his career.

Mark Trumbo

Date of Birth:
January 16, 1986
Anaheim, CA

Career Highlights

    • 2012 - American League All-Star Game Selection
    • 2011 - 2nd - AL Rookie of the Year Voting

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