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December 2010

  • Steady Domination: Oakley’s Ichiro Suzuki Grabs MLB’s ‘Most Dependable Player of the Year’ Honors


    Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    “With Ichiro, you know what you’re gonna’ get.” And that’s kick-a** play all the time. said it. We knew it. And the World was reminded of that fact this past week when Oakley’s Ichiro Suzuki was named the ‘Most Dependable Player of the Year” in the Greatness in Baseball Yearly (GIBBY) Awards on the MLB Network. The facts tell the whole story. A Major League record of 10 straight 200 hit seasons. 10 straight All-Star appearances. 10 Straight Golden Glove Awards. That’s pure awesomeness, plain and simple.