World-Class: Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Spectacle Drops Into Breathtaking Beijing Olympic Venue


Sports fans across the Globe will not soon forget the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

With breathtaking artistry, characteristic pageantry and a powerful display of Chinese culture, the Summer Games in China’s Capital City opened in the truly magnificent Beijing National Stadium – affectionately known as the “Bird’s Nest” from its awe-inspiring steel architecture shaping and enormity (one of the largest standing steel structures on Earth).

The venue and structures, constructed specially for the Olympics, captivated the planet in its groundbreaking nature. So it’s no surprise that the iconic building would eventually be chosen as the site of another groundbreaking sports event: Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style Beijing 2011.

Following a successful inaugural event in 2010 – which took place in a smaller venue – the snowboard, music and popular culture spectacle found a new home in one of the World’s most epic sports structures.

Taking on an absolutely mental jump setup – which clearly will be pushing the aerial progression of freestyle snowboarding – the contest structure inspires sheer fear as much as it does simple awe.

Build truss-like in nature, the course’s ramp/kicker, perched at the top of the Bird’s Nest, is definitely a sight to see for snowboarding fans everywhere.

But the snow-lined (both created and natural from the snowfall) landscape will be so much more than just sport.

Featuring a full stage for hugely popular Chinese music acts, DJ’s and other entertainment to rock the massive audience – the Oakley-branded show will delivery a sensory explosion with state-of-the-art lighting, massive screens and a powerful sound system.

With world-class riders, entertainment, breathtaking architecture, Olympic boldness, Shaun White’s ambassadorship and Oakley’s global presence, Oakley & Shaun White Air + Style will be taking Action Sports events to an insane new level. Brace yourself.

Tune into the live webcast – right here on on Saturday. Link: LIVE WEBCAST ON OAKLEY.COM