Oakley’s Seb Toutant Takes Home His First Air + Style Championship Ring


The Oakley and Shaun White Present Air + Style in Beijing was a complete success for the brand on every level possible last night at the Olympic Center Stadium. People started filing in around 3pm for the main event featuring 16 of the best big air riders in the world in a head to head formatted contest. Some 8,800 spectators enjoyed a series of double corks, 1260s, and huge airs with the highest level of difficulty and unmatched style.

All the riders were stoked on the jump and the Chinese crowd as things started off with a huge bang, courtesy of Oakley’s Mikkel Bang, Kazuhiro Kokubo and Sebastien Toutant throwing down harmers. Round one saw some tight battles and although this writer was bummed not to see Kazu move onto round two with his styled out and massively huge backside 180 Japan air the best riders did move on to round two.

From there things got tight as the riders were very evenly matched, but both Oakley riders that made it to round two moved on to the Superfinal – Seb Toots and Mikkel Bang. The Superfinal does not pit the riders in a head to head format, but allows the riders to take three runs and best score from the four super finalists wins the contest.

Canadian Seb Toots was the favorite going into the Superfinal, but after a very scary crash on his first run it appeared he might have been rattled or worse yet, hurt. But that scare was short lived with Seb’s second run scoring a 93 with a cab 1260 double cork! Seppe Smits would put in a solid effort with a backside 1260 as did Elias Elhardt and Mikkel Bang with styled out tricks that unfortunately included hand drags.

In the end Oakley’s Seb Toots took home $30,000 USD, the Ring of Glory and 1,000 points for the Swatch TTR World Tour ranking.

Also check out the mega photo gallery post recapping all the action.

Video Recap of Oakley & Shaun White Present Air + Style Beijing:


Matt Murray


December 04, 2010