Breaking Down Barriers: Iconic Brand and Global Snowboarding Icon to Spread the Stoke to Chinese Youth


Oakley is proud to announce a partnership that will set the bar for the next decade of action sports development and growth. Oakley and Shaun White Present Air and Style Beijing.

The event is poised to be the pinnacle of a movement that has been gaining momentum within the action sports world – as all brands look to broaden their horizons and find new markets.

Oakley – Iconic Brand, Shaun White – Global Ambassador: The partnership between two-time Olympic Gold medalist/global ambassador Shaun White and Oakley is one that is truly unique to the snowboard world and to the emerging market in China’s action sports scene.

“The ability to bring arguably the world’s most influential snowboarder and step into the Chinese marketplace together is a chance of a lifetime,” said Oakley Sports Marketing Manager (Snowboard) Joe Prebich. “It’s an opportunity for both for Oakley and Shaun, but also the entire industry to deeply plant roots in a land that has a very unique potential.”

This will be White’s first step into the contest world as he shares the event name in Beijing as an ambassador with Oakley to bring even more enthusiasm for snowboarding within China through an iconic brand and his own global recognition.

White, who is a past winner of the Air and Style event, has not competed in the contest since 2007. But since he emerged victorious with an Olympic gold in 2010, he’s dreamed of helping to bring an event concept like Air and Style to a whole new world…and China is that huge opportunity.

“I am so excited to be a part of bringing Air and Style to China!” said an enthusiastic White. “I’ve competed in these events before – and these guys are the best in the world. To partner up with Oakley and share this awesome event with Beijing and with Chinese society as a whole is an amazing experience.”

World Class Snowboarding Format: Air & Style Beijing will bring together some of the best riders in the world to compete in a head to head showdown. The course is based off of the 2007 Munich event, which to date has been the most successful and progressive setup ever.

“The level of progression in freestyle snowboarding keeps going up and up,” said White. “Everyone who will be competing is at the top of their game and it should be a night that will rock Beijing! Even better, young Chinese riders will get a chance to be introduced to a global audience. I think that’s amazing.”

Air + Style = the Pinnacle of Freestyle Snowboarding Outside of the Halfpipe: The Beijing event is set to be the first 6Star event in China. With the full size Air & Style 42m high stadium jump the riders will find perfect conditions to battle for the ring of glory and 1.000 TTR-Points. As always, the Air & Style presents international top music acts to make it the unique and powerful happening it has been since 1994. As an organization representing the progression of the sport and the interests of the riders, TTR has worked hard to maintain the fun, creative side of the sport inside the competitive freestyle tour. Beijing will be an amazing development for the sport’s global footprint.

The Future of the Sport: This is just the beginning of the relationship, as Oakley enters into a five-year partnership with Air and Style to truly deliver the most progressive display of freestyle jumping in the world…to a whole new frontier.

Shaun White at the 2010 Winter Olympics