Silver and Bronze Slopestyles


Oakley’s Shaun White started strong with an 83.33 on his first run of the Snowboard Slopestyle Men’s Final (on a broken board, no less) but couldn’t best Andreas Wiig’s mark when he took to the course a second time. It felt like déjà vu all over again—at last year’s Winter X Games Slopestyle final, Wiig took gold, and White came away with the bronze.

Fading light on the course might have been a factor. Before White’s second run, five straight riders failed to finish their runs. “I had a broken board and I still stuck my run, but the judges weren’t feeling it,” White said.

Oakley’s Kevin Pearce finished strong with a silver medal on a very busy day that included Superpipe Practice, Slopestyle Practice & Finals, Superpipe Elimination Round and Big Air Finals… that’s like 10 hours of straight competition shredding at the world’s biggest snowboarding contests.

In the Skiing Slopestyle Finals, Oakley’s Team was well represented by Jossi Wells and Jon Olsson who took home silver and bronze, just like their Snowboarding counterparts.

Jossi held the number one spot until the very last skier dropped in for his final run, but nonetheless it was the young Kiwi’s first Winter X Games medal. Which was eerily similar to his teammate Sammy Carlson, who last year one his first Winter X Games medal – silver in men’s slopestyle.