Absolute Perfection! Shaun White Throws Down Epic 100 Point Run, Claims Fifth Straight SuperPipe Gold


Nobody’s perfect. Except for Shaun White in the Superpipe, that is.

Oakley’s superstar Snowboarder Shaun White sent the Snowboard World into an absolute state of awe – throwing down one of the most epic runs in the sport’s storied history for a perfect 100.00 point score and his fifth-straight Superpipe Gold Medal, despite bowing out of the Slopestyle contest earlier in the week due to an injured ankle.

“It’s unreal,” Shaun said at the bottom of the Pipe, rocking his Signature Series Airbrake Goggles. “I’ve been wanting that 100 forever. Thank you so much, everybody, tonight. I came here on a mission: I couldn’t compete in Slope and it kind of broke me. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting around icing my ankle wondering if I could even ride tonight, and I kind of took out a little bit of that anxiety and anger that I couldn’t compete in Slope in the pipe tonight.”

Shaun made his intentions clear early on in the day. During the SuperPipe elimination round he shot to the top of the leader board with an 88.66 to advance in first place – a full 10 points ahead of Luke Mitrani who advanced in second.

Busting out a floating backside air, a frontside double cork 1080, frontside 540 stalefish, backside 900 and a massive nosegrab – he plowed his way into the finals with his signature style.

But nothing we saw – including the debut of his new trick: a frontside double cork 1260 – could prepare us for the mastery that would surface when the sun set on Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado.

On his very first run Shaun dropped a massive 94-point score that would prove to have been enough to earn him his fifth consecutive Winter X SuperPipe gold medal. Silver medalist Iouri Podladtchikov’s made a valiant effort, but fell short by one point

During the “victory lap” that will go down in history, Shaun floored the scores of fans in attendance and ESPN’s global audience, topping the former SuperPipe high-score record (which he had previously set at 97.66) for the first-ever perfect 100 score in Winter X Games SuperPipe history.

Finally stomping the first-ever double McTwist 1260 – within a full run featuring an 18-foot backside air, a fronstside double cork 1080, a Cab double cork 1080, a frontside stalefish 540, the double McTwist 1260 and the frontside double cork 1260 – he proved yet again why he is still considered an innovator within the sport.

“I was a little upset with my first front double 12 tonight because it just wasn’t there and I put my face in the wall,” he continued. “I was just trying to shake that off and get back up and do it again, and it happened.”

“There’s always next year,” he concluded. “In snowboarding there’s always room for progression, even after achieving perfection.”

Oakley’s Winter Superstar has now claimed every Superpipe Gold since 2008 – bringing his overall medal count to 17 – 12 of which are gold.

Shaun White’s awe-inspiring performance was the perfect way to cap off an already incredible Winter X Games 16. Overall the Oakley family earned an impressive 12 medals including 7 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze.

Medal Break Down:

Kaya Turski – Women’s Ski Slopestyle Gold
Chris Del Bosco – Men’s Skier X Gold
Kai Mahler – Ski Big Air Silver
Jossi Wells – Ski Big Air Bronze

Mark McMorris – Snowboard Big Air + Slopestyle Gold
Shaun White – Snowboard Superpipe Gold
Dominique Maltais – Women’s Snowboarder X Gold
Torstein Horgmo – Snowboard Big Air Silver
Sebastien Toutant – Snowboard Big Air Bronze
Maelle Ricker – Women’s Snowboarder X Bronze

Heath Frisby – Snowmobile Best Trick Gold

A huge congratulations from the Oakley Family to all the athletes who competed this week on their inspirational performances at Winter X Games 16!