Dazzling Season: Torstein Horgmo Runs Away With Dew Cup, Writes Winter X Games History


Torstein Horgmo’s season was nothing short of tantalizing.

The coveted Dew Cup was all but wrapped up for him as he mashed into Snowbasin for the Toyota Championships this past week.

But it didn’t come without drama.

Oakley’s Norwegian ripper, who has been killing it all season on the Dew Tour and beyond, needed a fifth place finish or better in the Slope contest to seal the deal.

A nice little scare materialized after first round of the contest, as he sat in the 10th position after a shaky landing on a cab 10 double off the second jump.

But just as he’s done all year, he charged back.

Torstein threw down big time with perfect style on the rail and a cab double 10 to a switch backside 9 on the last two jumps. The performance scored him a 93.75 to grab the third podium spot – enough to grab the first Dew Cup of his career.

“I just wanted to do good at the contest and the Dew Cup proves that I did good this season,” said Torstein. “Getting to 100 percent injury free is my goal now.”

Considering his rib injures and more, what he did this this season was nothing short of astounding.

His Dew Cup wrap up came on the heels of an enormous Big Air triumph at Winter X Games 15.

Why enormous, you ask?

Torstein busted out a huge triple cork in the Snowboard Big Air Contest, the very first ever landed at Winter X, dazzling the amped up crowd on hand and grabbing the Gold medal.

“That was the second one (triple cork) ever,” Horgmo said of his feat, rockin’ his Oakley gear. “It feels really good.”

All while not at 100 percent.

With his solid Dew Cup season, combined with his feat in Aspen, capturing the 2010 Transworld Snowboarding ‘Trick of the Year’ and taking Transworld Snowboarding Top 10 Most Watched Video Title, one fact is certain: He’s emerged as one of the sport’s true icons – admired and revered across the Globe.