Triple Cork?! Torstein Horgmo Dazzles Winter X 15, Grabs Snowboard Big Air Gold


It’s never been done at Winter X.

But Oakley’s Torstein Horgmo busted out a huge triple cork in the Snowboard Big Air Contest, dazzling the amped up crowd on hand and grabbing the Gold medal.

“That was the second one (triple cork) ever,” Horgmo said of his feat, rockin’ his Oakley gear. “It feels really good.”

But Torstein wasn’t the Only O Rider charging big.

Youngster and X Games rookie Sebastien Toutant’s score of 79 was just a single point behind Torstein’s 80. His big backside 1260 proved to be not quite enough for the win.

“I needed one point to get the gold medal but Torstein got the triple and Sage killed it as well,” Sebastien said.

All in all, one killer event – with Oakley’s Norwegian Ripper making X Games history.

Check it!