Oakley's Torstein Horgmo Lands First Ever Triple Cork


And then there was three! The battle of the ever-expanding world of corkage, has a definitive leader today. Oakley rider, Torstein Horgmo released to the world, via www.torstein.net, exclusive footage of him stomping his first ever TRIPLE CORK!

Unheard of until now, this was like the Lochness Monster or The Cracken. A mythical beast that would haunt the professional snowboard world for years…or was it. Turned out to be about as smooth and collected as everything Torstein does.

Of course, we will lay claim to it, as we all know premium optical definition is the key to all triple corks; Torstein simply dropped in! But all kidding aside, this is the new bar for where the sport is headed. Adding the element of corking rotation with style is the key to what defines snowboarding as the trend leader that it is and what keeps us separated from the rest of the pack.

Torstein has been leading it stylistically for the last few years, but with these three corks he has solidly positioned himself as the new leader in progressive snowboarding. Congrats and can’t wait for more…

The Triple Cork from torstein horgmo on Vimeo.



June 08, 2010