Snowboarding and Environmental Awareness Star in Marie-France Roy's "The Little Things"


You know Marie-France Roy (or MFR) as the female backcountry slayer who has seemingly no limitations on her talent. And you should know her for that part of her portfolio. She’s also all about living and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. (We like and support that part of her existence too!) In her new film project, “The Little Things,” MFR paired the two parts of her life in one cohesive bit of movie-making artistry. Imagine that: a snowboarding movie with a message.

“I had been feeling the need to do something new for a while and this idea came about last summer,” MFR told, of the two-year project. “I felt like it was the best way to bond to things I feel passionate about, e.g. snowboarding and making sure to treat the earth fairly so that the next generations can enjoy the same quality of life as we have.”

MFR is a co-producer on the project, while long-time Oakley athlete (BMX) Darcy Turenne is directing. MFR also stars in the movie alongside other environmentally-aware athletes, including fellow Oakley snowboarders Nicolas Müller and Gretchen Bleiler, as well as Jeremy Jones, Meghann O’Brien, Jonaven Moore, and Tamo Campos. The movie is scheduled to come out in Fall 2014.

Check out the trailer below and follow updates about the movie on the website.


Chasen Marshall


September 05, 2013

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